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Got to start somewhere!

I still feel like someone is going to turn up when we’re up at the house, knock on the door, and announce that we can’t possibly own a house, and we must hand the keys over immediately. After all, we’re not proper grown ups… Crazy that at nearly 28 years old I still think like that, but I can’t help it. I genuinely can’t get my head around the fact that we’ve been trusted with an actual house, bricks & mortar, that we now own! (God knows how I’ll feel if we have kids at some point)

But, believe or not, it’s true. Me and the fella now own what will one day become our home, and hopefully remain so for a good long time. It’s a 1950s semi on a nice part of Sheffield, where my other half grew up – so we’re surrounded by people we know. It belonged to a little old lady with alzheimers before us, bless her, and needed a huge amount of work. It has great potential though, and now we’ve knocked a few walls down, built a couple of others, and generally ripped it to bits, as we’re starting to put it back together it’s beginning to look a *bit* like a house again.

Day 1: Changing the locks

The 1st Job: Fella changes the locks... (Check out the dark green flowery & stripy wallpaper!)

So, now the fun bit starts (not that the demolition wasn’t fun!) – as a tech freak, and a closet geek (ssshhh, don’t tell), it’s time to start putting some technology in the house. I’ve built & tuned many a PC, am the ‘go-to’ person for all my friends & family when things stop working, and spend a lot of time reading and dreaming about all sorts of tech.

But, when it comes to wiring up houses, home automation, AV and the like, I know (or knew) zilch. So for the past few months I’ve hit the web, and learnt a lot – but nowhere near enough, so I thought I’d start to document where I go from here, as I think about what I want to do, and how best to do it…on a shoestring!

That means anyone who’s remotely interested can read what we’re doing – and maybe my screw-ups will be useful for another beginner one day… 😉

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