I suppose this is where I should insert witty self-deprecation & pithy one-liners, in an attempt to garner interest & admiration from all who wander here.

I suppose…

Unfortunately (a) as i type this,I’ve just got in bed on a Friday night after an unbelievably busy, chaotic & stressful week at work, and I’m shattered, (b) I have a throbbing headache that’s dulled my mind enormously & (c), well, maybe I just don’t want to.

I don’t have time to create a fantastic Internet persona. A wonderful & exciting web-based alter ego to wow the masses. I just want to be me – warts & all, bad days & good, successes & failures. So, if you want Stephen Fry-level food for thought from my blog posts, I’d stop reading now & beat a hasty retreat!

My only aims from this blog are to put down in words & pictures my experiences in educating myself about the wonderful possibilities for technology in the home, and therefore share them with the odd 1 or 2 people who might end up on this site. And if they, like me, are setting out from such a basic starting point, it would be awesome if even 1 sentence I write answers 1 of their questions, or inspires them just a tiny bit, or even just points them in the right direction to get proper, expert support & information.

It will also, hopefully, give me a forum to organise my thoughts, and summarise what I want to achieve – not just highlight my stumbles along the way.

I’ve now spent weeks researching Home Automation, and over a year educating myself from the various technology websites & forums, but I’ve barely even scratched the surface… Every forum post reply I read throws up as many questions as it answers – meaning getting my head round the various protocols & products is proving an exceptionally slow & tedious process.

But, we’ll get there! Eventually… 😉

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